If Predators were Fat

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The other day I watched as a pigeon bobbled through the air wings stretched in uneven flight.  It looked as though flying was painful, or at the very least difficult.  I’m sure now as I reflect,  the bird was likely rebounding from an unstable take-off, or blinded by the sun.  But at the time it was a strange sight, humorous enough to make me laugh out right, and interesting enough to oil the gears of my brain.

What would the world be like if our normals were hacked?

What if birds trudged through the world on their spindly legs, wings intact but useless?  In their place, soaring through the sky  were rodents?  Tails churning, ears flapping, tongue wagging rodents.  What if that was normal?

What if the standard household pet was not puppies or kittens?  What if instead Rover was replaced by Rooster?  If Foghorn Leghorn slept at our feet, and ate scraps from the table?


If alligators wore ascots would they still be dangerous?  If Raptors had manicures would they still tear apart their prey?  If Boa Constrictors soaked in bubble baths would they still seek to suffocate?

If humans had to eat blob fish in order survive would we pray for an apocalypse?  And speaking of the apocalypse what if Zombies only wanted to snuggle?


But, normal is as normal does.  Which means if i was born on the planet Spanx where dolphins ruled and humans were bottom feeders in giant aquariums i might be wondering what life would be like if spiders had 8 legs instead of 2.

I realize i’m being inane.

inane |iˈnānadjective:  silly or stupid

I also realize blogs can be, and ought to be lest why should anyone care?

A final thought, one that may haunt you as you ponder the possibilities and the repercussions.

What if Predators were fat, and Aliens had non-acidic saliva?



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