Tidings of Joy-

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Have you ever paused in your pursuit of happiness to ask yourself if you’re fulfilling your purpose?  Have you ever stared into the dregs of your coffee savouring the last lukewarm sip contemplating your role in the universe?  Maybe gazed into the lingering embers of a forgotten fire and tried to see reason?

Lately, I find myself tethered to such thoughts unable to escape,  unwilling too try to hard lest I miss out on profundity.  I pause often, linger longer and ponder.  There is deeper introspection, an analysis of production and behaviour; am I doing it right?  Am I doing it at all?  Are their changes to be made?

I find when I am like this there is a message I’m suppose to hear,  a truth to adopt so I wait and open myself up to change.  Yesterday I fought to break through the fluff -lets be done with this already!  My purpose-new or redefined-is to bring joy to people.  That’s it.  Eureka.  Joy.  People.  Me as the conduit.  This is more than a desire, it is a calling.  Now the key is to not be content with such revelation, but to pursue it into action.

My next step?  Well,  I am genuinely a joyful person, so there is little to change as far as personality goes, but I fear a simple smile or sincere optimism just won’t cut it.  So I reckon my gifts and talents ought to be a factor.  At closer look it is clear my list is a short one.  Not a problem.  I’d rather be good at a few than mediocre at many.

The breakdown:


*writing stories

*talking about writing stories

*listening to others talk

*remember what its like to be a kid

*viewing the world through the gift of mercy

*appreciating cheese


For anyone tempted to pity me for such  finite list, don’t.  It is beautiful in its simplicity, besides my other lists (What I suck at, 10 Reasons why my Mom doesn’t Like Me, 50 ways I fail at Life) practically beg for an intervention.

I will use my list to guide me, and I encourage all of you to make your own lists.  What are your gifts/talents and how can you use them?  It’s an important question.

“As The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
― Robert Byrne

At the same time I am reminded of this quote by C.S. Lewis

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

So I shall not dwindle too long on the me in this equation, not will I go all out for the do…neither will satisfy the need to just be.   I will not define myself by my actions, but by my identity in my creator.

Where does one go from such reflection?  To graphic similes, naturally.

I  will ooze joy like a fungal disease infecting all those I come into contact with.


I will unleash my talents like a flesh eating beetles at a pool party.


I will pour forth my gifts like tsunami of blessing.


Come a little closer and just see if I don’t get my joy all over you.



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